The Legend of the Rocket Man. 

A being made of energy and light.
Emotions and sensory delight.
Dwelt among us once lost from home.
Too sad to make his weary flight.
The sadness seeped from every grain.
To all those close enought to hear the tale.
Many night and many days.
All endured under the vail. 
Until once a wise child knew.
"We shal build a rocket"
For our man in a stew.
A vessel to hold such transcendental cargo.
Would need every colour and every hue.
The texture would be of cloud.
The shape to give the dazzing form a kiss of proud.
The 'Rocket Man' soared up to the sky.
So happy to be homeword bound.
In his wake came a plume so true.
Of joy, happiness, love and laughter.
It covered the land and infected all around.
As they lived happily ever after.
This sculpture was initially designed as a center piece for Bestivals sunday night fireworks. Now it is under development as a perminant piece undergoing a materials and lighting overhall.