The Contemplation Tower is a piece of 'Archi-sculpture'; Architecture in the form of sculpture, sculpture with a human purpose.

The world is an ever changing canvas filled with endless depth and emotive triggers that constantly update and evolve. Everything has its own journey as an individual and each individual journey constantly swirls in and out of all others creating an interconnected 'whole'. The contemplation tower creates and environment were one can take a moment to consider ones path. To pause and view the world in momentary separation. A pensive snapshot of the past, present and future separated, a deep breath in for the journey onward.

Special thanks to Andy Haran, The Arts Council of England and The Secret Garden Party, without whom this project could not happen. 

The tower is constructed in a series of layers designed to show the beauty of building materials in their basic form and how enhancement through craftsmanship and imagination creating form and detail can enlighten the soul. The main platform is suspended on four spiraling helixes made from laminated timber strips. creating the feeling that the structure has grown from the earth and has a sense of age. the spiraling beams demonstrate the industrial power of humanity and their form reminds us that all things, no mater how we change them still come from the earth.

The main platform has the illusion of floating whilst being heavy and solid in appearance. Crafted from larch and oak beams locked together with traditional joinery techniques, giving the platform a timeless beauty. Using symmetry and geometry to form the interwoven lines paying homage to universal mathematics.

At the center is an ornate spiral staircase reflecting the industrial elements and yet demonstrating the emotional connection to beauty in its construction. the comforting feeling of commanding our environments and bending them to our will. the tactile nature of ascending the staircase gives us the sense of being slowly enveloped into the structure. Starting to change our sense of interaction with the environment to one of observation and openness to closed attachment.

on top of the platform sits a mirrored dome reflecting everything that surrounds it and hiding all inside. As you pass through the main platform into the dome you become aware that;although you could not see inside the dome from the outside, the two way mirror allows you to see the outside world from within. Completing the sense of entering into the tower and seeing the word without the world seeing you. Here is a place to dwell and take time to think and view the world with a different perspective. The curved timber frame is hand crafted laminated ash.

The final layer of the tower is through a small door in the dome leading to the open air viewing balcony. Once again reconnecting you back to into the direct environment. Looking out to the world you inhabit and looking back to your own reflection.